*May take a moment to load for the first time - It isn't broken!* 

 *Google Chrome or Firefox  recommended  - some support issues on other browsers*

Cursed Temple

A small platformer set in a cursed ancient temple. 

Can you steal the Jewel of the Cursed Temple, or will you die trying?


  • A large maze to explore
  • Traps to avoid
  • Random locations for collectables each time you play
  • A gravity mechanic that keeps you thinking about every step you make


Keyboard / MouseController
MovementW,A,S,DLeft Stick
Change GravityEX

Known Issues

  • Audio Options are not currently set up
  • No Controller support on menus
  • Safari Browser does not work properly (currently working on a fix)

Created by Tom Stephenson for VimJam 2020.

Twitter: @DeveloperTom1

Website/Blog: https://www.tomstephensondeveloper.co.uk/


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have been waiting for 30 minutes, how long is a moment?

Sorry the game kept you waiting! By a moment I meant roughly 30 seconds - 1 minute. Could you tell me which browser you were using please?
I recommend using either google chrome or firefox as I have just learnt there are some compatibility issues with other browsers.

Work PC, win 10, chrome.

Just tried it on my Home PC, seems that the playerLoop is being called recursively (which can easily lead to too many of the loop running simultaneous )

Apologies for the late response! One fix for people using chrome I discovered yesterday was to enable cookies. For some reason chrome sometimes blocks some games and you need to allow it - hopefully this helps!

I can't jump with controller or keyboard

(2 edits)

Thanks for making me aware of the issue! Whilst looking into this I  discovered a few support issues on some browsers which I'm currently trying to fix. 
I recommend using either google chrome or firefox in the meantime - sorry for the inconvenience. 

I was using chrome