The Dark Cave

In a location with such little light, the creatures within The Dark Cave have evolved to use sound as a means to navigate their environment and find prey.

You play as a creature with eyes from outside the caves. Use sound to attract light sources and make dangerous creatures think you’re somewhere else.

How To Play

Keyboard and Mouse:

  1. Move Left - A or Left Arrow Key
  2. Move Right - D or Right Arrow Key
  3. Jump - Space
  4. Throw Object - E
  5. Pause - Escape

Controller (Xbox):

  1. Move Left - Left stick left
  2. Move Right - Left stick right
  3. Jump - A
  4. Throw Object - X
  5. Pause - Start Button

A desktop version of the game for Windows is also available for download below.

Twitter: @DeveloperTom1


This game was created for the Ludum Dare 46 event in 72 hours.


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The Dark Cave Build.7z 17 MB


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When I seen the cover photo, I thought Ooh looks like Limbo! I'm surprised no one has commented on this; this is really cool! I admit, I didn't fully read the instructions, but I understood the concept when it counted. I especially love the save feature. 

High 5 rating from me!

Thanks for playing, I'm glad you liked it! Quite a few people have compared it to Limbo now - glad you found it playable without the instructions too! :)